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We are looking forward to our puppies, which we are expecting about 4.11.2000. Koblih was sired by Ambassador's Lucky Fellow Larry, ÖHZS/BG/2117, born on  22.2.1990 - the holder is  Mrs.  Schneider, Wien, Austria. 

There is a litter of  5 puppies born on  6.11.2000, 1 male and 4 female.1 female is bicolor (lemon and white), 3 female and 1 male is tricolor. All puppies are wonderful.

Peter Pan (ČLP/ 2459) , a holky Pussinka (ČLP/2460), Perlinka (ČLP/2461),Pralinka (ČLP/2462) and Peanut ( ČLP/2463).


Peter Pan                                                              Peanut                                                                   Perlinka


Pralinka                                                                                                   Pussinka 


koblih1.JPG (15400 bytes)              amby.JPG (15742 bytes)

Carrie Tergy                                                                                                 Ambassador's Lucky Fellow Larry

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