K litter



7 puppies were born on 3 rd. October, 4 female and 3 males, all of them are  tricolor. Mother is Andrysek, father is Billyhe is from Warzsawa. 


Here we are - 4 female                                                                                and 3 male - all 1 day old


and here we are 18 days old

and here 5 weeks old


Kallistó  de Elle                                                       Key Largo                                                               Kirké del Piave (Tami)


Kéfea Charmante  (Cheny)                                      Käfer des Waldes ( Kefír)                                  Kee Blair Sallor

Keep Cool ( Zarapp)


 Undine Pale Rapa - Nui                                                           Shelaft Billy Whizz of Dialynne

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