D litter





Undine Pale Rapa - Nui                                         x   Romeo Tergy


Born: 2 x male tricolor ,1 x male red/white, 5 x female tricolor

Male    Definite Diamond (bicolor)

Male    Doughty Dwarf (tricolor)

Male   Decent Fellow (tricolor)

Female   Delicate Delaine (tricolor)

Female   Dove of Peace (tricolor)

Female   Double Love (tricolor)

Female   Dear destiny ( tricolor)

Female   Downy Dahlia ( tricolor )




3 weeks                                                                                     7 weeks

Dove of Peace                                                                                   


Doughty Dwarf

Double Love

Delicate Delaine                                                                             

Definite Diamond

Decent Fellow

Dear Destiny                                            

Downy Dahlia



"Deli"             "Whoopy"     "Čuňi"        "Milli"         "Buggy"                  "Kámo"            " Diamantík"      "Dustík"

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